Saffron Desi

Dine like royalty!

I have always thought that I would have something in common with royalty, little did I know it would be Saffron Desi. Located in the heart of the market town of Morley, lies this quaint restaurant that Prince William ran up a £1300 bill in with 47 of his royal friends.

The not-so-accessible car park is a little tricky to master but once you have, the restaurant greets you with such warmth.
The building’s original 16th Century timber beamed roofing and traditional Indian music make this restaurant a wonderful setting for the wonderful meal you’re about to experience.

The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes. My colleague and I opted to share the lamb chops to start. Our charming waiter sincerely apologised for the length of time our starter was taking but as he did, the kitchen door swung open and, to my joy, I heard the sudden sizzle of fresh, juicy meat. Delicious lamb chops – well worth the wait! The divine masala marinade coating the lamb had both me and my colleague
drooling like a pair of British bull dogs.

After much deliberation, I opted for the Lamb Karahi for my main which was an absolute taste sensation! My colleague
asked for the waiter’s recommendation, which led to her ordering Saffron’s ‘famous’ original curry, the Vensi, which she described as creamy and sweet. I appreciated the waiter asking how spicy we would like our dishes. I believe this proves that they truly do cook each curry individually and from fresh! Both mains were exquisite, mopping up the remainder of the sauce with the largest garlic naan I’ve ever seen. Truly astonishing. So astonishing, it even took Prince William’s breath away on his visit!

From the moment we walked through the door, the service was impeccable. From experience, some waiters and waitresses
can be a bit too much; too in your face and won’t let you enjoy your meal and the company you’re in, while others are  blatantly ignorant. Saffron Desi have fine-tuned their staff to have the perfect balance. I believe this is something the owners should be very proud of.

For myself and my colleague, the overall experience was astounding with the only issues being the parking and the wait for our starters being a little lengthy. However, the sheer quality of the food and service, for the price you’re paying, for me, certainly makes this Indian restaurant stand out above all
the rest.

Surely, if Saffron Desi is fit for both royalty and me, then it must be fit for you.

Rating: 4.5/5*

Saffron Desi,
Dawson House,
Dawson Hill, Morley,
Leeds LS27 9DF
Tel: 0113 253 1253

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